Blogging As A Developer

Blogging As A Developer

Blogging. Now of all the things that you could imagine a software developer doing, I’m pretty sure that blogging is low on the list; and that’s if you even thought of it at all. Don’t worry though, I never imagined myself as a blogger. I mean, what’s there for me to talk about? Apparently, there’s a lot.

Each time I learned how to do something new, that could have been a blog post. What about all of those times that I spent hours working on a problem. The solution would make a great blog post. Little nuggets of information that’s worth sharing in a book or on a website, that is a blog post.

Although you might be asking yourself,

Why in the world would I waste my time on a blog? What good will that do me?

Well my friend, keep reading to find out.

One of the reasons you should start a blog is because it shows you and your potential employers that software development is more than just your job. You don’t just go to work and smash those keys to earn cash. You love being a software developer. You love it so much that you spend time outside of the office thinking about it. You spend time writing about it. You spend time out of the office being a software developer. Crazy right? But again, this isn’t just your job. It is who you are. Having a software development blog will make these facts obvious to anyone.

Another reason to start a blog is to build discipline. You think that writing blog posts every week is easy? Well think again. I mean, if you really want to be technical about it sure, anyone can write a blog post and put it up. Literally anyone. However, it takes a special kind of person to keep a blog up and running. To write quality blog posts takes hard work, dedication and discipline. Those are things that you yourself would look for in an employee if you owned a business.

A blog also helps future employers, and possibly your workmates, know what you know. Truth be told, you can’t just put everything you know on your resume. You can try, but don’t expect the people in charge of giving out jobs to be impressed.

This resume has five pages? Toss it in the garbage. I don’t have the time to read that.

Having a blog is a different story. Why explain what you can do in ten paragraphs when you can just put a link to the finished products? You’ll be saving paper, and you will be able to show potential employers exactly what you can do.

Having a blog is also a great way to show people that you care about software development. That this is your thing. You aren’t just writing code, your’e shaping syntax into a thing of beauty. A working application that will help someone perform some task that makes  their life easier. You are an artist and an engineer. Making the world a better place with your skills. Now who wouldn’t want someone like that to be part of their company?

The blog you’ll be creating will do more than just help your career. It will help people. You can write blogs about how you solved certain problems, or how to do this thing with that language or framework, or even how you feel about an online course. All of the information that you put out will help at least one person. That’s one less person in the world with a problem. What makes it even sweeter is that the better your blog becomes, the more people you will help.

Speaking of using a blog to help people, John Sonmez does exactly that. His blog Simple Programmer helps literally thousands of people all over the world. Sure he could have just continued his work as a consultant and still helped people that way. However by putting up a blog, he was able reach a lot more people.

He started out by using it to help his workmates. Instead of just sitting down and helping one person, he put some tips and tricks on his blog. He helped a lot more of his workmates with less effort and he helped people he didn’t even know all because this information was publicly available on his blog.

His blog was able to help him succeed by giving him all of the advantages I mentioned in the first half of this post. He used his blog to build his empire. How successful is he? You might ask; well…

The Complete Software Developers Career Guide by John Sonmez.

Image taken from

That, believe it or not, is a best selling book he’s authored. It is also the second book he has written. So when I say his blog helped him succeed, I really do mean succeed.

Not convinced yet? Well there’s really only so much I can do. The best thing for you to do would be to sign up for his email course on How to Create a Blog That Boosts Your CareerThere are no strings attached. Its a free course where you get sent the lessons in emails twice a week. All you have to do is sign up and as John puts it,

Trust the Process

John has been through a lot in his career. Save yourself some time and sign up for the course today.

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